Monday, 3 November 2014

Found some time to carve.

Ive been very bust recently with work and other things but managed some time to carve some very nice silver Birch.
I have also recieved in the post from Israel a lovely eating spoon from a friend Yoav Elkayam. Along with this wonderfull hand drawn envelope.

I met Yoav at Spoonfest this year and gifted him a little salt spoon from Birch.
I was delighted with his spoon and enjoyed eating my breakfast with it.

In fact I have used it daily ever since and it's a great spoon.

I also saw a post by another friend Sharif Adams, he wrote on his blog of an Apple wood spoon I gave him when I visited his home for a bowl carving course at the start of the year. He has been using it a lot since and it's one of his favourite spoons.

Mine is the one on the left with a very nice patina, I am thrilled that my spoons are enjoyed and used daily, it's a great compliment.

Finding some carving time at the weekend was very much needed and carving this rather nice Birch wood was very rewarding.

I am enjoying carving serving spoons at the moment, I'm also enjoying playing around with some different designs and styles.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Silver Birch serving spoons

I love Birch and it's fantastic wood for carving. It's a joy to use and provides excellent wood for spoons.
Here is a few pics of some serving spoons I have just finished.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Kolrosing chip carving mix

Just finished this silver Birch eating spoon. For the handle detail pattern I decided to very finely chip carve the main outlines of the design and for the finer details in the basket weave pattern I used  Kolrising. The mix of the two combined with ground coffee and flax seed oil really works well, the fine chip carving holds the coffee well.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Birch serving spoons

I started these serving spoons at Spoonfest this year but with getting back on two feet again having my cast off and starting work again, I only recently managed to finish them.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Spoonfest 2014

Well I'm home from Spoonfest and what a fabulous time was had by all!.
The event was run so well and it was fantastic to meet up with friends old and new.
The atmosphere was Suberb with everyone willing to help and share information and skills.
I taught some classes in chip carving and basket weave which was brilliant and I found it very rewarding with some excellent students.

I swapped a few spoons with friends Keith Mathews who traded me a lovely cedar bark tool carrier with elm bast strap.

I also swapped spoons with another friend Don Nalezyty.
A fabulous Tulip poplar spoon.

I didn't take any pictures but did shoot some footage and edit a short film as I thought it would show more of the event.

Spoonfest 2014

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Landscape magazine article (spoons)

The latest copy of Landscape magazine featuring an article on my work is out now.
I was approached by the magazine last year about running an article on my spoons.
It was an interesting day being interviewed whilst going through the process of my carving.
I'm pleased with the article and impressed with the photographs.
The magazine can be viewed online but unfortunately it's only 16 pages and I don't think I'm on there.
Here's some pics from the magazine.

It's good that craft is getting the attention that it deserves in the UK .

Monday, 21 July 2014

Finished scoops

I started some scoops or sugar spoons a while back.
A few folk wanted to see them finished so I thought that I would post them up.

I managed to get some chip carving patterns of different basket weaves done on the handles.

And the finished three.